Thursday, November 3, 2011

Less than two weeks before leaving for New York!

I can hear the City
calling me!
Preparing for a move abroard is a big (and sometimes long) process: it begins with the decision; then you announce to your family, friends and colleagues that you are leaving; you pack your things and get rid of stuff; you sell furniture; you welcome strangers into your home; you prepare your arrival in your new city; you do all those steps one at the time, just like any other to do list. Every day, your move becomes more concrete.

But, at one moment, you cross that line where everything stops. In seconds, the adventure in which you've embarked is not just a project anymore but… your new reality!

The end of a chapter;
the beginning of a fabulous (but challenging) experience
Martin and I left our apartment this past Monday. All our things are now in storage and we are staying in a temporary apartment in Old Montreal. In less than two weeks, we will be flying to New York. Leaving our home was a big step, not only because moving is lots of work, but also because its emotional. We are now tourists in our own city with only our suitcases and a new outlook on life. Next steps: my last day at work and our one way flight to New York.

I find all this very exiting! But at the same time, I’m a bit anxious and nostalgic. 

Expats: what are your tips to overcome brief moments of insecurity?

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