Friday, July 20, 2012

Pieces of home: Patrick Watson in New York

Friday two weeks ago was a really bad day for me. I had to go the Department of motor vehicles to exchange my Quebec driver’s license for a New York one; a seemingly simple thing. I ended up waiting there for five long hours: a first line to get information and forms, a second, which I thought was the real one, but that was only to get a number, and finally the third – and official – one. What a waste of time… and those who know me well are aware that I am not the “car type”.

Anyway… at least, there was Patrick Watson to save my day. The 32 years old Canadian singer-songwriter from Montreal was giving a free intimate performance at the South Street Seaport during the evening, participating in the River to River Festival

Running out of the Department of motor vehicles at 6:30 pm, I almost did not make it on time for the show. Fortunately – and surprisingly – the presence of the talented artist in the Big Apple was a well-kept secret as it wasn’t too crowded. Martin and I got a good place in the second row!

The show was perfect. Patrick Watson was playful, relaxed and in control of everything. And how about the South Street Seaport: what a gorgeous place for a summer music performance, with its waterfront setting, its views on the skyscrapers of Downtown and on the Brooklyn Bridge and its boat masts framing the stage. If you visit New York during the summer, I suggest you take a look at what’s happening there and go, whatever the show is.

Watson played songs from his newest album, Adventures in your own backyard, with his talented and quite creative band – the drummer is an amazing “saw player” and I think I spotted the guitarist using a toothbrush to play his instrument. At one point, all band members were playing and singing around one single microphone. “It sounds better”, the artist informed us. Watson finished the show alone at his piano singing his famous ballade The Great Escape, as requested by the crowd.

Patrick Watson will perform in New York again on September 7th, on the stage of the Bowery Ballroom on Delancey Street. I will be there for sure…

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  1. Patrick Watson was one of the crowd favorites at this year's Quebec City Summer Festival.
    He drew rave reviews from the music critics.