Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Contradicted Williamsburg

I’ve wanted to visit Williamsburg since Forever; even before knowing that we would move to New York, I remember reading an article about the neighborhood and that was it, I was instantly fascinated by it.

Williamsburg is a neighborhood of Brooklyn known to be an influential hub for Indie rock music as well as for its local art community. The area, which has been gentrified these past years, is being redefined by a growing population and a rapid development of housing and retail space. Williamsburg is a young and busy neighborhood with numerous popular bars, shops and restaurants; it is equally one of the coolest places I’ve seen in New York.

An area of contrast

Contradictions are everywhere in Williamsburg. If you think that Manhattan is a contrasted city, its Eastern neighbor is a lot more striking in its contrariness:

The imposing former sugar factory
is now abandoned but can be seen
from anywhere in the area.
  • Of course, old and new items are cohabiting together (all things considered, “new items” are mostly condo buildings and hipster’s luxury cars; bicycles, clothes, accessories as well as all other consumer goods that you find in Williamsburg are mostly Vintage).
  • An industrial feel persist even on 100% residential streets (indeed the view of the imposing former sugar factory, that is now abandoned but can be seen from anywhere in the area, is for something).
  • Young people, on beautiful days, play baseball on a concrete field while some cyclists roll on the grass of the park.
  • Moreover, the very dense commercial street (Bedford Avenue) and the presence of highly populated condo developments contradict with numerous empty and deserted areas, even in the most popular parts of the neighborhood.

The Hipsters
Great fashion:
It sometimes feels like a trip back in time
To add to the contrast, Hipsters, who could be defined as young, recently settled urban middle class people who value independent music and thinking and have a non-mainstream fashion sensibility, are everywhere in Williamsburg; they represent an important aspect of its identity. Hipsters are often seen wearing thrift store inspired fashion, old-school sneakers and thick rimmed glasses and can be recognized by their messy hair styles.

For those like me who enjoy people watching, what a cool and captivating place…

More pictures...

To go to Williamsburg: Take the L train and get off at Bedford Avenue.

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