Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas and the City: Nolita and Little Italy

Arriving in New York just before the holiday season was a real treat for me. Christmas frenzy makes the City very welcoming; Every time I see the famous huge Christmas tree of Rockefeller Center as well as Macy’s window displays, Bryant Park all dressed up, New York Public Library's tree and the numerous glamorous Christmas ornament of 5th avenue, it feels like the first time.

Need a break from the classic, packed, touristy holiday sights? I have some great escapade suggestions for you… 

Go for an ends of day walk in Nolita and Little Italy
Changing color Christmas lights
on Mulberry Street (photo credit: Martin)
Not only are Nolita – "NOrth of LIttle ITAly" – and Little Italy charming all year long, the holiday season there brings an unexpected intimate and warm atmosphere that I haven’t found yet elsewhere in the Big Apple. Though less grandiose than in Midtown, Christmas lights in this tiny and unique area are beautiful and organized in changing color garlands overlooking the streets.
When Martin and I went few weeks ago, there were still people eating on the numerous outdoor terraces along the sidewalks. It really felt like Europe! I recommend you begin your tour by the end of the afternoon, so you can enjoy both day and night ambiances.

Around 5 pm:
A beautiful terrace ready to welcome visitors
(photo credit: Martin)

Nolita and Little Italy are located in lower Manhattan and are easily accessible by subway.
These days, it's pretty much the best time to go!


  1. I love the lights in that neighborhood during the holidays, and look forward to this years. I know it's only February.

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