Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vintage shopping at Skylight One Hanson, Brooklyn

The market -
or a very small part of it
During winter, the traditional Brooklyn outdoor market moves to Skylight One Hanson, the former and famous building of Williamsburg Savings Bank situated in Fort Greene. Vintage itself, the three floor Art Deco edifice offers a perfect setting to welcome thousands of visitors eager for discoveries and more than a hundred vendors selling second hand goods and old items that have been reinvented.

From antiques to handmade articles, clothing, jewels and other accessories, beauty products, furniture, vintage records and photography items, Skylight One Hanson has it all; the market is a great place to find a unique gift, a gorgeous new deco objet or the perfect fashion accessory.

Martin's new typewriter
key cufflinks
But the place is worth a visit just to see the gorgeous landmark interior with its vaulted ceilings, mosaic murals and remaining parts of the bank: old kiosks, teller stations, a few three-ton doors and even the vault are there to remind you of the rich history of the building.

Martin found some stylish vintage typewriter key cufflinks created by Mama can’t sing, an accessory designer that found an interesting and creative way to repurpose typewriter keys by making fashion jewellery with it.

Hurry up before the winter is over! Next Saturday or Sunday, get on the train to cross the river and get to Skylight One Hanson. The market is open from 10am to 5pm.

My next vintage stops, when New York will get warmer, are Hell’s kitchen’s and Williamsburg’s markets. Have you ever been to these two places?

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