Friday, February 3, 2012

From the High Line; looking North through an art structure

New York, I find, is even more attractive in pictures than in words. Because of that, and because of my endless love story with photography, I decided to begin publishing daily pictures that will allow you to follow my footsteps in the Big Apple. 

The first photo of this series has been taken on my beloved High Line Park; everyone who knows me knows how I like this place, which I find is the perfect example of New York creativity and eccentricity.

The elaborate architectural sculpture that you see is Still life with landscape (Model for a habitat) by the artist Sarah Sze. The artwork is situated close to the 23rd Street exit and will be in the park until June 2012. In the  background, we can see the London Terrace, a famous huge residential building.


I used the Instagram’s filter Lome-fi.

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